Poppa and Nanny pay a visit

The DORs parents, Lee and Joyce, came to visit today. She brought them out to meet the horses. Her dad used to ride a lot, but right now his doctor has him grounded. Welcome to my world poppa, did your daughter tell you she has me grounded for picking on the old guys. Now you saw Freedom nip me and the mark on my butt from someone's teeth (no I did not do it myself), do you think my grounding is fair...please speak to your daughter about her unfair treatment of me.

I spent time standing and being scratched. I got the thumbs up from both poppa and nanny, that made the DOR very happy. Freedom showed off a bit by running around, hard to believe he is as old as he is.

The great thing about grandparents visiting is I got out of working, being tortured by silly objects, and got some extra spoiling. If I can convince them to hang around for a while life will be smooth sailing.

Tomorrow the vet is coming out to take a look at Salty the Wonderhorse and to gaze at my muscular self.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR



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