College bound

The DOR took Hank the Tank up to college today. Her friend provided the transportation, nice friend to haul Hank's big butt around. Hank is going to be training with the CWU equestrian team. Yep that is right, the big wanker is going to learn dressage and to jump. Can't you see it now...Hank the bristle tail, no mane appy competing against fancy show horses. Now that is something the DOR could double over laughing about and it wouldn't be wrong.
The DOR was out doing chores this evening. The sneaky lady had carrots in a bag...thanks to whoever gave her that idea and you know who you are! I was not amused, I got one carrot and then I had enough of the bag. The DOR better have something better than carrots in the bag the next time if she expects me to stick my head anywhere near it for very long.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Florida Beach Basics said...

Love it! Best giggle I've had all day. marge

Cheryl said...

That Captain is one smart horsie! Trying to trick him with a bag of carrots!!!!


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