I got ALL of the treats

Today the DOR had apples in our treat tubs.

Freedom has been in the little pasture next to Salty and I. The DOR thinks that I need to hang out with Salty alone so that we get to know each other. When Freedom is around I only talk to him, that leaves Salty feeling left out. Freedom is enjoying his alone time. He is able to walk past three pastures that have horses in them. He loves doing patrol duty, he is the ranch 'watchhorse.'

Dakota gave Freedom his mush and then brought Salty and I our treat tubs. I looked in and there were apples!!!! Salty didn't want his apples, he walked away after knocking over his tub, so I got them all. I love apples, any kind of apple-even if they have worms.

Worms are kind of cute. Look at this little guy, isn't he cute? I hear they have protein too. I need protein to help maintain my massive muscles.

Tonight the DOR and I did some liberty work. We did circles, backed up, went sideways, and even worked on trotting...it went really well. The DOR had apple asses in her pocket which helped motivate her to perform well. She did a good job and I ate one of the apple asses, that made her pocket not so full and pushing on her leg. Eventually she did so well that I ate all of the apple asses and her pocket was empty. She was very proud of herself.

The DOR is going to E-burg to visit Scooby and watch Hank jump. Then she is going to come out to play.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Cheryl said...

You know, Beauty and Gigondas LOVE apples, too! Boy, Cactus sure is a little piggie!


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