You can't eat a hula hoop

So I am feeling a bit silly. Yesterday the DOR said she was bringing out a hula hoop to the pasture and I was thinking cool, something good to eat. I was picturing crunchy little fruit circles made of oats and sugar. I could put up with Freedom and his ginormous bowl knowing that I had really good stuff. Turns out it was not what she was talking about.
The DOR comes out to the pasture pulling the wagon with the treat tubs with Dakota following behind her. I kept thinking the poor little guy had a horse fly bothering him because he was wiggling like crazy. I was wondering why the DOR wasn't helping him out. Well I found out soon enough! Dakota had a hoop around him that he took off and handed to the DOR, she then put my treat tub inside of it.

Salty and I had to wear halters so that we didn't try and sneak over and steal Freedom's mush. While we were eating we got the spa grooming treatment. It was nice to get brushed, combed, and our hooves cleaned.
When I was done the DOR decided that it would be a good time to play with the hula hoop while Freedom finished his mush. So she picked it up and rubbed me with it. She then held it away from me and shook it....marbles! The thing rattles, it didn't bother me too much but I gave the DOR marbles anyways-it makes her feel like she has accomplished something when I stand calmly. The DOR then decided that I would look cute wearing the hula hoop like a necklace-as you can tell from the picture I do not think I look cute, I think I look darn silly! I am not sure what she has planned for tomorrow. Do you think if I meet her at the gate holding the hula hoop in my mouth, shaking my head so it rattles that she will come up with something new that isn't so silly?
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


The W.O.W. factor said...

I think you look cute, there Cactus Jack Splash! Bonnet & necklace! Maybe tomorrow, DOR will bring you a Hula skirt, then you can wriggle that cute hiney of yours too!

Cheryl said...

I think Cactus Jack looks quite happy with his hula hoop!


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