Grocery bag-round two

The DOR went to visit Hank and Scooby today. She was on her way to a clinic so she dropped by to say hello. They are both doing great! Hank is adjusting to 'college.' Scooby is doing a grand job taking care of the orphan colt. DOR misses Scooby, she loves him very much. I know if Scooby had not gone blind there would be an orphan colt without an 'uncle Scooby' to keep an eye on him and I would not have become part of the DOR's life. The DOR finally admitted to a friend today that she believes things are working out the way they should and that I am the light of her life. I have even passed up her horse Moonshine Nikki (the horse she got when she was 8 years old) as far as being the best horse she has owned. DOR loves all of her horses...but I am her all time favorite-good thing I could make her life entertaining if I am not properly worshipped.
The grocery sack is now becoming what the flag was earlier. Can't she leave it alone? Is this how you treat your favorite horse, geeze I am glad you like me I would hate to see what you do to horses you don't like. How many grocery sacks am I going to see when we are out riding?I am thinking if the DOR does not give up on this grocery sack thing I may make her life entertaining just to give her a bit of her own back. Yesterday she tried to bribe me with carrots-it didn't work. Today it was corn husks in the bag. I saw the bag coming and took off to the other end of the pasture, she followed me with a husk in her hand...boy that looked like a good treat! I tried to reach out and snitch it from the DOR's hand, but the bag threatened to rip my face off...damn vicious horse eating bag. I ran as fast as I could to my paddock, Dakota was there putting in my grain, I banged on the gate and he let me in closing the gate behind me-take that bag, now you can't get me.
I am munching away on my grain, I look up and there is the DOR with the bag...holy cow poop. To make matters worse the bag has already started to eat the face of one of my pasture mates and the DOR is helping it!!! Wait he pulled his head out of the bag and head a mouthful of corn husks, he has treats. The DOR tossed me in some husks, but my pasture mate is getting all the ones in the bag-not fair, it isn't my fault that I can't tolerate the bag.
Dakota, part of my support crew, told the DOR she should tie the bag to my tail tomorrow when she lets me out...thanks for the support Dakota! The DOR said that was the same thing my other support crew member Bryce said to do. I think I am going to have to look for a new support crew, ones that are not bag supporters. The DOR isn't going to tie the bag to my tail, it would be mean but she did do this:

She tied it to my paddock!!! Now I have to stay at one end of the paddock if I don't want to be eaten. I tried standing by Freedom, he just snorted and told me to quit being a chicken. I am working on giving the bag the 'evil eye.' Well that bag better stay where the DOR put it and not try to eat my face...if it comes near me I am going to snort marbles at it!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR-even if they are flag waving, grocery bag carrying twits.


One Red Horse said...

Oh Cactus Jack, I want to know just where these DOR's get their cruel and sadistic ideas. I mean, is there a club or something that teaches them these things. Mine came up with a GIANT cotton lead rope today, dang thing was as thick as one of those squeeze and eat you snakes. Even worse, every time I tried to sneak a hoof into her space bubble (just to teach her alertness), she would turn and give it a shake at my chest and if I didn't step back fast enough, she'd pop my chest with the disgusting thing. But YOUR DOR sounds way worse. Tying the face eating thingy up where you live? Cold. In Sympathy,
Red Horse's herd mate Lyra

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Thanks for the understanding. I think that is what she goes to clinics for...more creative ways to harrass me and call it 'training.'
I went and visited your site, it is very nice.

One Red Horse said...

So us horses out to organize - NO MORE CLINICS, NO MORE CLINICS!!!
Thanks for the site comment . . . gotta say though - your equne-techco ability amazes me Jack. Too bad we aren't in the same pasture, I'd want to be in your band!


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