All the Arabs are mad at me

So I have been working on the ranch peace plan...
My bucking stunt on game day seems to have set the progress with the Arab contingent back a bit.
The horse with Dakota is Dancer. She is a lovely little Arab mare who is very protective of her friend Ginger and whoever the human is that she is working with. Well when I had my come-apart I managed to buck my way down to where Dancer and Ginger were standing with their humans. Dancer got between me and her charges. Boy is she serious; she was pinning her ears, shaking her head, and was not amused by my behavior.

This is Beau, he is the King of the ranch. Boy am I on his list! He does not tolerate any shenanigans. I have been informed that he thinks bucking is bad, bucking off your DOR is unforgivable. He spent the rest of game day glaring at me with his ears pinned. He also would turn his hind end at me...I think he wanted to plant a big one right on my rear.

When game day was over I went back to my pasture. I figured I would be safe with friends...no such luck. Salty wouldn't let me eat out of my tub, in fact he chased me off of all the tubs and made me wait for a bit. I snuck my way back in only to have him nip me and give me a kick on my butt.
What is with these guys? Do they have a plan in place that says when a horse at the ranch misbehaves all of the Arabs will treat them with disdain? I feel bad about my come apart, I am sorry I bucked off the DOR, I feel bad her whole left hip is bruised and she is hurting, what else can I do? Can't the Arabs give me a break? After all the DOR got back on and finished game day, she said she had a blast, and she is even laughing a bit about being bucked off...that should count for something.
I have been out in the pasture practicing my cantering without bucking, actually it never seemed to be a problem before-I have no idea why I turned into a werehorse again. The DOR thinks that the "shoo fly" attached to the cinch started tickling my tummy when I cantered which scared me and then I had a fall apart, she is going to take it off. We will be doing ground work with me cantering under saddle to see if we can sort it out. The DOR understands that at 8 years old I am not really "finished" yet, she actually has put more time on me in the past 7 months than I have had my whole life...I still have a lot to learn.
The DOR is a bit battered, really bruised up, and she still thinks I am the best horse ever. I am pretty lucky that she feels that way or I could be in big trouble!
I promise to do better in the future, really I never want to have the whole Arab population mad at me again.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

Note from the DOR:
Jack has never bucked with me riding him before. Several of the people who saw what happen and I are in agreement that something scared the holy cow poop out of him. Jack is very sensitive all over, but his belly is super sensitive. I am pretty sure that once he started cantering the shoo fly brush his belly terrified him. He didn't quit bucking once I was on the ground, he headed toward the older horses hoping to get help, and once my husband gathered him up Jack's eyes were still popping out of their sockets. Jack is only 8 years old and has a lot of growing up to do. We are going to work more on desensitization activities and put in more time riding.
Fortunately for me Jack is a good guy, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body-a few mischievous ones-but he would never try to hurt anyone on purpose. Jack and I have learned a lot from his fall apart, things that we needed to know. Other than a severely bruised and sore rear I am fine.
And yes all of the Arabs at the ranch are mad at Jack. It is a bit funny to see Salty giving him the cold shoulder and fish eye.
Have a lovely Thanksgiving and enjoy the company of those you love.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm sorry to hear you got bucked off and are sporting bruises on your derrière. This too shall pass, but in the meantime find a soft cushion to sit on. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Train Wreck said...

Oh Poor Cowgirl! I can sooo relate! My Rumor (hence the name!) bucked me off during one of my drill practices. I couldn't believe it! I think her back cinch was rubbing her flank. I noticed after I unsaddled her that the "connector" was missing. I am soo happy to hear your are ok! Thank you for saying I was a good "Writer" I came over here to tell you were a good "Rider" too! Lol! And your post is about getting bucked off! LOL! THat's ok you are still a great RIDER!

Lux said...

I love looking at your horse pictures - they're so beautiful!

Happy Thanksgiving to you also! :)

Rambling Woods said...

I'm glad you weren't seriously injured and you also have a very Happy Thanksgiving...you too Jack..

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Glad to har you are going to be OK
You are a true horsewoman,always thinking what YOU could do to fix the problem rather than to blame the horse.

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Phew Cactus Jack! I'm so glad DOR understands! We'd miss you around here if she thought otherwise! You've got yourself an understanding DOR...they aren't all like that!

Sunny Acres Ranch said...

Hi Jack,

Beau says he has almost forgiven you. Dancer is still mad. LOL That was the 2nd time I have seen Beau furious with another horse when they acted up with a rider on. He was threatening Jack with everything he had. :-o I told Jack that Beau doesn't allow riders to get bucked off on his ranch without serious consequences. I think Jack understands and will do his best to comply from now on.

Jack, you are so lucky to have such a great Mom. We all know you are a good guy and just got scared. Hang in there and control those emotions, big guy.


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