Gravel road

When the DOR said she was going to make each of us work out on the gravel road I was hoping she was thinking of this place, Gravel Road Restaurant in Grayton Beach. We would all sit down and enjoy a nice Waldorf salad and a side of alfalfa. Nope that isn't what she had in mind at all.
The DOR came out with halter and grooming box in hand. Looked like a day we were all getting spoiled. It soon became clear there would be spoiling but we also had to work. There is new sand with some pea gravel in it covering the ranch driveway, along with sand in the arena. It is really nice to look at but I had no intention of having to work hard enough to slog my way through it-the DOR did though. She haltered us up one by one and took us for three laps each.
I felt like I had moved to Egypt. It is hard work lifting these big old hooves up out of sand-did I mention there were hills involved? After we each went for our walk we got groomed, or hooves cleaned out and treated with betadine (it has been really wet here the past two weeks). I was tired and almost felt bad for the DOR, she did the laps with five horses and I only had to do my round. The DOR is going to make us all do this both days on the weekend and then take turns during the week. She is also doing Freedom's therapy everyday, she thinks it is important that he remembers that he has a right hind leg and butt cheek.
I am glad it is getting dark early, that way she can't make us work everyday. Give the DOR enough daylight and she would have us all doing a Pilate workout everyday!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Pony Girl said...

Hee! Remember, you DOR is lifting her feet in that sand, too!

Say, is the betadine good for thrush or for keeping abscesses at bay?

restoration42 said...

Well Jack,

Ya gotta look on the bright side here. That pea gravel is going to do wonders for your hoofs. Keep it up and before you know it, you will have rock hard gravel crunchers. My mom is always messing with my hoofs. Every night she sprays apple cider vinegar on each frog, uses that Pete Ramey Goo stuff, soaks me in White Lightening. Seriously, I think she is a bit OCD when it comes to my feet. But you know what, she just told me my badly contracted heels have really opened up. Go figure. So that is how come I can walk easier. Maybe your DOR is up to some good too.

Your Bud, Red

Florida Beach Basics said...

Jack - are you from Florida, or did you just visit Grayton Beach on vacation?

I'm voting every day for Sunny Acres. I click for food every morning anyway, so just added Sunny Acres to the routine.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Thanks you guys.
Marge thanks for voting everyday!
I am not from Florida and neither is the DOR, her sister went to Gravel Beach. The DOR is afraid to fly, go figure-she takes a chance on a fight everytime she rides.
Pony Girl betadine is good for thrush, it keeps it at bay if your horse doesn't have it.
Red, the DOR has a batch of Pete's goo mixed up...don't tell but she also added vagasil to the mix-I think she is a bit confused.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well it sure sounds like you're all getting a workout, especially the DOR! I'm sure you'll all have happy feet er hooves soon.

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Hey, Cactus Jack...be glad it was sand ... for now! You'll be knee deep in snow and ice soon enough!
Oh..but then maybe the DOR won't make you work at all ;)

Jackie said...

Oh my Jack,
As I am completely clueless when it comes to horses except that I know they are very beautiful like you; I would say that we all have to get our exercise.

So even though you got a little tired I am sure it was good for you.:-)))

restoration42 said...

Not to worry dude, my mom does the same thing. Say, do you ever check out the folk at the horsecity.com hoof board. You can get your DOR to take pictures and post them, they will give you a full consultation AND there are some real hoof wizards there. Oh yeah, one more thing, mom gets ALL the stuff for Pete's Goo at the Dollar Store.


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