My virtual trail ride

I went on a virtual trail ride today courtesy of Middle of the road,
The leader of the trail ride was PC Pony Girl, with her favorite trail pony, My Boy. My Boy is a lovely appy too! We were joined by C-ing Spots , Latigo Liz , and Sunnysd .
To the horse who followed me I appologize for the fact that you had to stare at my butt all day. The DOR had on her regalia, so what you see in the photo is not what they stared at all day, but it was also her backside along with mine. I also apologize for any road apples that I left, but I ate too much before the ride and couldn't help it.

The DOR was wearing this dress. It is a beaded wedding dress. I am not sure what the point of wearing a wedding dress was, she is already married to the best guy in the world. I think it is the only beaded dress she had handy.

She couldn't make up her mind which fan to carry, so she brought them both. She hung the fly whip on the saddle horn, just in case the mosquitoes were a pain. She threatened to bring the paddle, I think she was trying to tell me to be good.
I wore my side-pull bridle.
I was saddled with a western saddle, the DOR won't ride trails bareback, and had a wool pad with a fringed blanket over it.
Our ride leader took us on a wonderful trip through Douglas firs. I was on the look out for blue tarps, I hear the ride leader's horse has been spotted wearing one a time or two and I didn't want him surprising me with one stashed on the trail. We had smooth trails, gentle climbs, and lunch served in a meadow complete with teepees. We headed back down the mountain to the rest of our friends. We enjoyed a wonderful Italian meal and lovely beverages. The DOR was warned to stay away from the "fire water", something about it causing possible silly behavior. I don't know what she was worried about, she had already ridden through the forest in a wedding dress flapping a fan.
The DOR broke out her peace pipe and offered to share. She thought that making peace with anyone behind us was a good idea.
I want to thank Saddle Mountain Rider for allowing us to be a "Pony Cousin" for a day and putting together a wonderful virtual trail ride for us. The DOR and I had a great time!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Andrea said...

That looked like a lot of fun!! I love your DOR's beeded dress and head dresses. Very nice. And I am sure nobody minded looking at your spotted rump, it's a nice one ya know.

Latigo Liz said...

Ah, the peace pipe! No Pony Cousin gathering would be complete with it and the firewater! ANd it was good to be riding side-by-side with you along the trail. Buena is partial to spotted-butts! ;)

Shinade said...

Oh my jack I have just been sitting here and reading through all of your post.

You have been very busy and I simply love all of the pictures.

You are a very good photographer. It also made me realize just how long it's been since I came for a visit.

Please forgive me Jack but my real life has been a little hectic this week.

Oh and don't tell anyone I was here. I am supposed to be taking the week end off!!:-))))

Rambling Woods said...

You can see all the work that went into that beautiful dress..wow...
Michelle from the new location of
Rambling Woods

Pony Girl said...

I was very happy to have your fabulously spotted hiney following my fabulously spotted hiney on a wonderful virtual ride! ;) xx, My Boy

Mountain Woman said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I especially loved the dress!

Anonymous said...

What a great trail horse you are, Jack! No one minds looking at your butt, either. I loved the outfits for you and your DOR. And you really cracked me up when you said, "she had already ridden through the forest in a wedding dress flapping a fan". You have a great spirit!


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