DED arrival!

So the DOR is very excited, her new DVDs arrived today. You can click on the picture and go to Pete Ramey's website. I am not sure what all of the excitement is about. Under the Horse-I can tell her what is under this horse dirt, grass, mud, messy hay, the DOR if she were to fall off me (which she hasn't done yet), and anything else that is on the ground. Why did she need a bunch of videos about that.
The cover says you can learn to unlock tremendous healing powers in your horses hooves...if my hooves could heal the support crew chief wouldn't have been so mad at me when I tapped him in the chest with one of mine.
The back cover shows a horse's hoof cut in half...I am a bit grossed out. After all I thought her intention was to do some rasping between farrier visits, not major hoof work. How would the DOR feel if she came out to the pasture and found the entire herd staring at a human anatomy book? Don't you think she might get a bit suspicious about our intentions? It might look like we were planning to do major surgery not just figure out the spots that tickle her when we snuffle there.
Then to top things off, he discusses diet on the DVDs. I have had it with the "D" word...I am not fluffy, ripe, robust, tubby, or any other word that a human may use to imply I am fat. I am muscular, bulked up, beefy, a hunk-a-hunk of burning appy love. Pete Ramey does talk about hoof boots, but we have been using those with pretty boy Harley so the DOR knows about them.
I think she is thinking that the DVDs will be good to watch once the snow hits the ground because she thinks she won't be riding. Boy is she in for a surprise, she is going to have her seat in the saddle seat continuing her training-she can just bundle up!
Well I am off to join Freedom, we are waiting for President Elect Obama to call and offer us a cabinet position.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Shinade said...

Jack you would be fabulous as a diplomat!!:-))

Anonymous said...

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Mountain Woman said...

Jack, I do hope you get a cabinet position. You would be fantastic. I just pulled shoes for the winter last week because the snow is on its way.
I saw that you don't ride in the winter. I'm struggling with this issue and I was wondering why you didn't.
I hope your DOR enjoys the book.


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