Vocabulary Sunday

Withers – The withers of a horse is the muscular ridge where its neck and back join. It is the highest constant point on a horse, and, as such, is the point where all horse heights are measured from. It is also the point of reference teachers will give you when teaching you where to holds the reins.

Rump/croup – The rump, or croup as it is also known, is the fleshy area at the rear of the horse. This is often referred to in beginners’ classes, as it is the rump you will need to swing your leg over to mount and dismount the horse.

Fetlock – You will often hear people refer to the fetlock. It is the joint at the base of the horse’s leg, above the hoof. It can be seen quite clearly, as it usually protrudes from the rear of the leg.

Muzzle – The muzzle, much like that of a dog, is the area of the horse’s head covered by a halter. This includes the nose and mouth parts.

Language of Touch: the study of the communication between rider and horse by touch and training the horse to respond to aids by reflex. It begins by training the horse while he is consciously processing your requests. After schooling he will react by reflex.


Kimmy said...

Blessings! I would like to pass on a award I created for those who share the light! Thank you for inspiring me, and helping me on my journey. Love, light, and blessings. Love, Kimmy

squirrelmama said...

Cactus Jack, thank you for a quick "Berlitz version" on how to speak horse anatomy. And may I say you have a lovely most elegant Appy croup!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Thanks squirrelmama, the DOR likes my croup also.

Amanda said...

Ron always calls the withers wickets, I don't know why.


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