Playing games with the DOR

Boy it is hard to photoshop with no fingers....
Anyway you get the point, the DOR is having to ride while carrying a poop fork of poop without dropping any. The point of this you may ask, well let me explain-Saturday is "Play with your DOR day", better known as game day.
The herd and I are trying to plan some fun games for all of our humans. So far we have:
*Try and catch your horse while trying to get your boot on.
*Poop fork race-no poop dropping.
*Pick out all of your horse's feet from one side.
*Trot with a glass full of water-see who spills the least.
*Get your horse to do figure eights around barrels while you are standing on the ground.
*Touch your nose to this-that is when the DOR tries to get us to touch our nose to different objects by thinking really hard and looking at the object.
*A mini obstacle course-I am nixing any blue tarps being part of the course.
*Quickest waiter in the west contest-that is when the DORs leave us tied, race to the barn, and return with a treat tub for us. I think we may have to do this one several times-best three out of five works for me.
*Blindfolded muck raking-each DOR gets a pile of poo that they have to load into a wheelbarrow while blindfolded.
*Pony Express-the DORs have to deliver the "mail" flags by placing them into a variety of receptacles without dropping any.
Then just for fun we should wrap up with an old fashioned square dance on horseback.
If you have any good ideas about games we can play with the DORs let me know.
Dakota is going to ride Ginger, the support crew chief may borrow a horse unless he chickens out and only takes photos. Fun will be had by all.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Grey Horse Matters said...

All the games seem like they should be challenging and fun at the same time. Don't drop that poop!

Rambling Woods said...

Jack..come over to my blog and you can see my husband dressed as a Christmas elf.... Regarding poop, I guess my cat litter box is a small job compared to a horse pasture..

New Rambling Woods Site

Andrea said...

LOL, those games sound fun!! I can't think of any other fun games, right now!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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