Vocabulary Sunday

A horseshoer; one who trim's horses feet and shoes them. Used to be called a 'blacksmith'.

The long hair that grows on the horse's fetlocks. This is also called 'fetlock hair'. Some breeds of horses, like Gypsy Vanner and Friesians, exhibit long, flowing feathers. The purpose of feathers is to protect the back of the fetlock, and to direct water running down the horse's legs away from the bulbs of the heel, where it could cause sores.

An Appaloosa term; refers to a horse that has very little spotting.

Filing down sharp or overgrown teeth. Most older horses need their teeth floated once a year, otherwise the teeth may develop sharp edges, cutting the tongue and making eating difficult.

Sores on the horse's body that have been formed from tack that does not fit correctly.

An unregistered horse; a horse without papers or with no documented pedigree or background. Because such horses have no proof of ownership, they are more easily stolen than papered horses. Also, their age and background is often unknown.

Common term describing drainage at the coronary band of the foot; caused by infection that migrates up the hoof wall and breaks out as an abscess at the coronary band.

A horse with ground manners has had ground training. Ground training involves everything but riding the horse-- leading, tying, turning, grooming, bathing, trailer loading, etc. A horse should have ground training before riding begins. A horse that has not been ground trained and is not well behaved in off-riding activities should be considered green.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


The Author said...

I always enjoy vocabulary days. Also, I love the new look!

Pony Girl said...

Hello Pony Cousin pardner, what a fun idea, vocabulary day!!


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