Another werehorse incident

Yep, we had another werehorse incident at the ranch and it wasn't me-I learned my lesson. This time it was Salty the Wonder Horse, who would have even thought he would be a bit naughty.
Salty is 22 years old and has been Dakota's therapy horse. He is the reason Dakota now talks and interacts well with people. Salty is part arab and in his past (before the DOR got him) was a phenomenal trail horse, cow horse, jumped a bit, and gave lessons to little kids. He suffered an injury to his right front knee and had to retire for a bit so his owner sent couldn't keep him.
He can now be ridden by a light rider (a kid) once in a while and he loves that. You should see how proud the old guy gets when he is packing a little kid around. The second picture is of a quick toddle around the paddock that Salty and Dakota took.
The other thing about Salty is he has no idea he has a bum knee. He is the boss of the pasture, runs, bucks, and plays with the rest of us. The DOR shakes her head and says it is a good thing Salty can't see his knee because he would be upset to know he is supposed to be crippled.
Salty and Freedom go to bed each night and eat their mush. Salty is of the opinion that he should be put to bed first so when he sees the DOR coming he chases the rest of us off. Well Freedom wasn't chasing off, in fact he was camping out in front of his gate waiting to get in. To add insult to injury the DOR decided the Freedom could go in first. That was it...Salty blew a gasket. He started running back and forth trying to get Freedom to leave and get the DOR to open his gate. It didn't work Freedom started turning his rear to aim his head for the gate...boy did that make Salty mad. Salty started pitching a fit! He was snorting and bucking (hind feet above his head even) and he almost got the DOR. When I saw that I took off for the other side of the pasture-no way I was getting blamed if he tagged her. Harley went with me because he was worried Salty might kick some mud up on him.
So here is Freedom trying to get into his bed and there is Salty pretending that he is a Hall of Fame bucking horse-standing in the middle, looking a bit surprised I might add, is the DOR. Harley and I were taking bets on what the DOR would do, after all Salty is crippled and she wouldn't possibly make him run. I thought she would let him in and just be done with it. Harley was thinking she would toss us our hay and ignore both of the old guys for a bit. We were both wrong...she did her bear imitation. She raised her arms up over her head and made her hands look like claws, then she let out a bit roar. Salty stopped, looked at her, turned and went off bucking down the pasture. The DOR walked out into the pasture and when Salty came back she repeated the bear act. She did this to Salty until he just stood still with his head down. She stood with her hands in her pockets, Salty walked over for a scratch, and then she put Freedom to bed first.
I am delighted to know that I am not the only one to have werehorse episodes. Salty is trying to blame it on Halloween treats. I think he is just a bit spoiled, but then we all are spoiled. It was grand to see Salty acting like a young horse and it is nice to see his knee is doing well. The DOR, her vet, and the farrier all work together to keep his knee in the best shape they can. It is working well because this summer was his soundest summer since his injury.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Cheryl said...

We turned out Beauty and Sunni today in the arena and Beauty turned into MISS DIVA MARE and didn't want Sunni to eat the weeds there. She bucked and kicked at him (but he got OUT of the way)...and chased him OFF! She even reared!!! Little MISS DIVA horsie! She wanted the weeds ALL to herself!

Rambling Woods said...

It sounds like that dealing with horses and elementary children in a lunch room has similar elements...

The W.O.W. factor said...

What would life be like WITHOUT a Werehorse incident? Keeps you thinking, eh, Cactus Jack?
Glad to hear Salty is getting such good care!


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