Snooping for treats

The DOR came to visit and I was really tired, well at least I was putting on a good show. I figured that if I was very tired I wouldn't have to work.

She came in the paddock and I gave her the hug that she gets every morning and evening....that should confuse her a bit. She will think it is time to feed not work.
Then I started snooping for treats. I know there are some in her pocket.
Hey where did her pocket go? Noticed how fast my nose moved? My sniffer can follow a treat at thirty paces. The DOR says I have a busy nose, it gets into everything. Well what does she expect? She is the one hiding the treats.

There are my treats, in with my hay. See my plan worked, I convinced her it was feed time and not work time. The treats in the tub are not the sweet treats she has in her pocket. The DOR carries sugar-free peppermints in her pocket. They are sugar-free so both Ginger and the DOR can eat them. I like peppermints, I really like Altoids, they make my lip curl.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


squirrelmama said...

Cactus Jack, you are a clever and amusing fellow, as smart as you are handsome. By the way I love your taste in music, as evidenced by your playlist on the blog page. However it is with great sadness that I see the absence of a real classic that truly belongs in every horse's listening library (particularly geldings and stallions).
It is "Chestnut Mare" by the Byrds. Check it out!

Lux said...

You're a smart one, you are! :)

Powell River Books said...

I'm sure it probably wasn't the best treat, but when I was a teenager I had a horse that I kept at my grandparents place (one acre in northern California). We had peach trees everywhere. I loved to pick a peach and eat while I rode along among the orchards. I would feed Misty (yes, named after the famous pony in Marguerite Henry's book) a whole peach. She would roll it around in her mouth several times and then she would spit the pit out. She loved the taste and I was always amused by how she ate it. - Margy

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Powell River,
The DOR gives us peaches, pears, apricots, and apples. I love fruit.
Salty won't eat apples, he walks away from them. He is a smart guy, there is an enzyme in them that makes his arthritis hurt worse. So the DOR gives him knicker makers instead.


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