Freedom seems to have lost his butt

Today we had a visit from an equine therapist. We all got the once over to check our alignment and nutritional needs. The DOR found it very interesting. I found it delightful because the therapist loved my butt.
Freedom has been having a bit of trouble with his hind end off and on for about a year now. Sometimes his hips are out a bit. The DOR had a chiropractor get everything back in line. At Freedom's age it doesn't take much to throw things out again. Well an interesting discovery was made today...sometime between this morning and two days ago Freedom has lost his butt, actually he seems to have lost his right hind leg...he doesn't seem to know it is there. We know it happened in the last couple of days because the DOR had his standing on it while she picked out his left rear hoof. Today if you picked up his left rear he would sink and sit down...he can't support any weight on it. He is also dragging it, this is the same horse who gingerly picked his way over all of the props around the hay pile without dinging a single one.
The photo is of Freedom out on an orienteering ride, the old fart just about did himself into the ground. He didn't want to go slow and take things easy. What I am wondering is how he could forget that spotted butt is back there or even forget about half of it? Seems like he would at least notice it following him around. The DOR teases that Freedom is getting senile, but even a senile horse should know he has a butt. The therapist worked with him for a bit and it seemed to help. Freedom picked his tail back up and started putting a bit more of the load on his right hind, poor left leg is going to get pooped out if the right leg doesn't start carrying its own weight-what will he do then? Freedom now has a physical therapy routine that he needs to do. I am laughing a bit about that because he is an opinionated of fart and the DOR is going to have her hands full getting him to do some of the things he is supposed to do. The therapist will be back in four weeks to check on how things are going.
We all got told we have to move around more. The DOR was saying she is going to come out each evening and chase us around the pasture for 20 minutes before we get to eat. Well good luck with that, I don't think the DOR can run us around for that long-she isn't in that good of shape. Maybe the therapist is having the DOR make us move so she gets in better shape, the therapist is just being kind saying we need the exercise. Between the 20 minute aerobic exercise, bending to pick out all of our feet everyday, and throw in moving hay bales around for us the DOR is going to be a new woman come spring. Yep that is it, all of us horses are running a gym for the DOR...we should be charging her for all of this individual fitness coaching that she is getting.
All in all it was a great day! The DOR hung out with us from 8:30 am until 5:10 pm. She got a bunch of "horsey time" and that makes her happy.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

Hey, Tell Freedom I found his butt today when I caught a glimpse of my arse in the bathroom mirror. I would be glad to return it!!

Pony Girl said...

Horsey time is always good time, says PG! And I hope to have a lot with my DOR tomorrow!

Freedom...I hope you feel better soon! My suggestion is to have your DOR take you on a stroll or a walk. Kind of like walking a dog. PG has done that with me sometimes, when I was on the mend from a hind leg cut. Handwalking works wonders and it's great exercise for the human, too! ;)

The Author said...

Sounds great to have an equine therapist visit and give you some guidance. Wow, DOR sure got to spend lots of hours with you all. That must have been so much fun for you.

I'm sure glad Freedom found his butt!

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Hey CActus Jack...I now "own" an Equine Massage Therapist! Daily massages are awesome too!


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