Round pen safety

Behind the Bit has a great post featuring a cautionary tale about round pens.
The DOR has never put any of her herd in a round pen unsupervised, luck for us. I encourage everyone to go read this post, it could save you some heart ache down the road. Thanks to Stacey Kimmel-Smith for this posting on her blog.
I thought I would let you know as a result of my game day behavior the DOR has created a list of things I need to work on. I have been informed that every Saturday will be spent working on the list, so I may be too pooped out to post. Here is the list:
1. Cantering on the long-line without a saddle
2. Cantering on the long-line with a saddle-without the shoo fly
3. Cantering on the long-line with a saddle-with the shoo fly
4. More desensitization exercises featuring-grocery sacks, things being put up above my back
(like someone handing the DOR something), dealing with "white things" (no I don't like white
things coming at me like paper cups, eggs, and Kleenex), noises, things touching my belly, and anything else the DOR can come
up with.
5. Riding by things that make me "blow marble" without dancing sideways
6. Standing still while the DOR is one me while a person on the ground walks up and hands her something.
We won't be doing everything at one time, but together the DOR and I are going to pick away at them. There may be other things added to the list as the DOR finds more things that make her say "isn't that interesting" and then sets out to investigate why I am doing what I am doing. By the time we are done the DOR will be well trained on how to deal with my quirks and I will be more confident in her leadership.
Our journey continues...we are having a great time together, we just need to get over this little bumpy patch in the road.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


The Author said...

I too read that post on Behind the Bit and it made me thankful that my horses are home on my farm where they have a horse paradise and my constant supervision. I too have never used a round pen for turnout.
I was thinking about your post and how we are working on some of the same issues. I've learned so much about leadership and trust through horse behavior. My goal is to start training for endurance riding and your blog and advice is wonderful.


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