Still moments

The DOR comes out every morning at 6:00 to give Freedom his morning mush. She cooks breakfast for the old man every morning...all I get is cold hay, hmmph.
I like the quiet moments that I get to steal with her each morning. Sometimes I sneak up quietly behind her and make her jump because she didn't realize I was there, it is easy to do with my coloring. She will be busy latching the gate the goes into the hay pile and I will stealthily make my way over to her and then blow in her hair. She always jumps just a bit, then turns around and gives me a big kiss on my nose.
The DOR and I have found a peace in each other's company. It used to be that we had to be doing something in order to know how to interact well together. Now we are more like a herd, we can just "be together." Those quiet moments spent together are like little treasures that makes her feel good, they also make me feel good too.
I think it is a good thing when humans learn to be at peace within themselves, then they can be at peace with their animal companions-peace is a good thing. I want to encourage all of the DORs out there to spend some quiet time with their horse, dog, cat, or whatever animal shares their life. Just sit quiet, still, and listen quietly...you will be surprised what you hear-you may actually hear your companion speak to you.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


The W.O.W. factor! said...

OH Cactus JAck! This is beautiful! I could feel the peacefulness, the togetherness! I'm so glad you and DOR have that! More should try to find that same "sancturary" that you two have!


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