I'm a dirty boy!

Yep, it is true I am a dirty boy...

The DOR is embarrassed by my messiness, but heck it is part of life. I always wonder why people don't share more photos of the everyday aspect of us horses. Sometimes we are sparkling clean and other days we look like walking mud holes...it is all just a part of life.

The DOR brushes me each night and I look like this the very next day. It has been raining and muddy for the past week here. I have to roll and waller in the stuff, it is sooo much fun. If you think I look bad you should see Salty the Wonder Horse, the white guy, he is looking like a mud ball right now.

I have been trying to convince the DOR that I am an Indian war pony (don't I look like the horse in the painting?) and that I am just wearing my warpaint. After an American Indian warrior dressed for war, he often painted his favorite war pony with the same pattern and colors he used for his own face and body and his weapons. A painted pony or horse always carried a message about his rider and sometimes about the quality of the animal bearing the marks. Each symbol had its own specific meaning and the purpose was determined by the nature of the dangerous job which the horse would be asked to do. So this would mean that my DOR runs around muddy too. She isn't buying it, she says I am just a dirty horse who likes wearing mud-yep she has it, I love being dirty.
Please support me in my wish to be dirty, send in your photos of your dirty horses...I need to prove I am not the only dirty horse in the world.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


alicesg said...

Nice photos of those horses. They looked very happy. Sorry no horses here, am a city girl. :)

Anonymous said...

It's time to gather up your gear and join the Pony Cousins on the next trail ride! Make sure that your DOR brings her best beaded outfit.

Daisy said...

I really like your unique markings. Being dirty sounds like lots of fun!


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