Some things are off limits

I overheard the DOR talking to a friend about possible games for Saturday. She isn't too thrilled with some of my picks. I want to make it perfectly clear dear DOR there are some activities and objects that I think are off limits, so please read carefully.
First of all there are to be no blue tarps....
Don't ask me to walk over one, go near one, or even look at one. If you think "drape the blue tarp on the horsey" is a good game be prepared to watch me launch to the moon. If you have a good hold of the lead rope you will be the co-pilot of the Starship CJS.
The second thing I don't want to play with is grocery bags. Don't hold on to a stick with one hanging from the end of it while riding me unless you are trying to see how far I can leap in one big jump. Just remember you will most likely stay in the saddle for half of that big leap before you eat dirt...so think carefully. I don't think hanging the bag on my saddle would be a good idea either, I am NOT a grocery cart, and the eggs won't survive a 0 to 50 mph acceleration with a jump over the fence included.

I have already been a good sport in the game of ring toss, so can we please not do it again? If you must please don't make me wear a mask that is girly colors-it is so embarrassing, thank you.
I will play the "wear something silly on your head and walk around" game only if you do the same thing. Oh wait, you are planning on wearing that bright pink helmet that Dakota gave you aren't you? Never mind you can't get much sillier than that, my bad.
We could have the biggest butt at the ranch contest. I do have an advantage in that area, besides think about how you would feel if you won-let's just save some tears and skip this game.
I do think the "funniest face made in a photo" contest would be good though. Each DOR and their horse pose together and see what they can come up with. I also think that extra points should be given for wearing a bit of holiday cheer during the games. I am looking for a pair of antlers to sport around for the day.
I am getting really excited about game day. I hope that there are plenty of apples and carrots for prizes.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Andrea said...

Oh but I love the blue tarp game. I have to admitt I have never played the grocery bag game. That looks not so nice.

Come on, be a good sport!! Some of those games can be fun?? LOL


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