The DOR goes visiting

The DOR got to visit her two horses who are in Ellensburg yesterday. She was really excited to spend some time with these guys. The big varnished roan appy is Hank Astin, he is also know as Hank the Tank and Hankamus Tankamus. Hank was in training with the CWU equestrian team. He was doing well jumping, but after a period of time it became evident that while he loved to jump he could not do it everyday without tearing his body apart. So now he is hanging out, helping raise an orphan foal and giving lessons. The DOR and Hank play parelli games and then he gets his favorite spot scratched until he just about falls over.

Who wouldn't love a face like this? Hank will be giving lessons to the DOR's niece and nephew (who live in Ellensburg) next spring. He will most likely return back here and hit the trails this summer. Hank is fearless on the trails, nothing bothers him, and he loves to go out for a long ride.

This is Scooby, he is the DOR's blind appy. She says he is the smoothest horse she has ever ridden-that hurts a bit to hear, but I am working on collecting myself. Scooby has been raising an orphan foal for the past five months. The reason that he is in Ellensburg is the DOR is pretty sure that she would ride him if he was still here and that is not a safe thing anymore because Scooby occasionally has panic attacks. The last one he had when they went out for a ride resulted in a few broken bones in the DOR's left hand.

Scooby knows when the DOR is around because he recognizes the lavender scent she wears. He is always happy to see her. Scooby and the DOR do a bit of groundwork, she gives him massages, and rubs his eyes (which is his all time favorite thing)

The little head you see peeking over Hanks ginormous butt is Hildalgo, the orphan that Hank and Scooby are raising. Everyone gets lots of carrots and Altoids before she leaves.
The DOR went to a board meeting for a rescue she works with after her visit. There are so many horses who need help right now. People are not able or willing to take care of them for a variety of reasons. People need to realize the horse market stinks right now and quit breeding their horses. They also need to step up and do the right thing for their aging and crippled horses rather than just trying to pawn the duty off onto someone else.
I am glad I live where I do. We have everything we need and want. We have plenty of food and attention. We are treated with kindness, dignity, and respect.
I encourage my readers to research their local rescue and help out if they can. Buy some hay, donate money to an account set up with the vet they use, pay the farrier to work on a few feet. You can even donate some time doing chores, grooming, or just visiting the horses. Your life will be blessed by the time you spend with a horse and your time will be a blessing to a horse.
Well I am off to make Harley move. Part of his rehab program is making sure he walks enough to strengthen up his heels...I am really good at that part of his rehab.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

Awww I love the photos and I love Hank. He needs to come here and keep Annie company :o)

Rambling Woods said...

Great to come and catch up Jack. Until your website, I didn't know about the issues concerning horses. I don't understand how a horse can be considered a throw-away if it gets old or infirm. It just boggles my mind...

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Hank will be around when Ron is ready for his trail horse.

The Author said...

They are both so beautiful and they are fortunate to have you in your life.
Here in New England with hay selling for almost $5.00 a bale, many horses are losing their homes. Some are just being abandoned in the woods as winter sets in.
There are many wonderful horse rescues and thanks for making your readers aware of the need to help these magnificent creatures.


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