It is hot and Freedom is showing off

The thermometer on the DOR's deck said it was 105 at 3:00 pm. I don't know how hot is was at the ranch, it is always cooler that the DOR's house, but we spent the day wondering in and out of the sprinklers.
The DOR came out with Dakota and her grandson to give us our evening treats. That would have been just fine but the old fart Freedom decided he had to show off! The DOR took pity on me because of the heat, she took the bag off of the paddock gate so I wouldn't have to fuss about going by it. She set it on the ground and Freedom came over and picked it up. That wasn't the wost part, he started shaking the bag and walking back and forth in front of both the paddocks. What did he think he was doing? At least when the DOR tucks me in I just have to walk past a quiet bag-not run an obstacle course set up by a senile old horse.
The DOR got the bag away from Freedom and tied it back on the paddock gate. She opened up the gate, but I didn't want to go in because I had to clear the marbles out of my nose. Freedom paraded his butt in and out of my side a few times, nosing the bag each time he went by it...this was not helping things at all. Dakota dumped Freedom's mush, so the old guy headed over for his dinner. The DOR lead me back to my paddock and stood between me and the bag. I crept into the paddock, made it past the bag, and started munching down on my treats.
Tomorrow is supposed to be hot again, more playing in the sprinkler. The DOR won't ride if it is too hot, she thinks it isn't healthy for us.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR, it is really fun to do if you are wet from the sprinklers


The W.O.W. factor said...

Yea Cactus...I feel for you...the heat and all....I'd tell ya to take your "blanket" off....but it is SOOOOOO purty!!


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