Amazing spring events

It is calving season at the ranch. That wouldn't seem like such a big deal except for two very special cows involved, Daisy and Norman. These two cows owe their lives to the "cow master" and the ranch manager, without their special care both Daisy and Norman would have died.

Daisy is the little heifer in the pictures. Mushboy spied Daisy laying out in the pasture and he thought she was dead. The mother was off on the other side and Daisy was at an odd angle.
Upon closer inspection it was discovered her neck was twisted funny and she was having trouble breathing. The DOR straighten out her little neck and called the "cow master". The DOR picked Daisy up and wrapped her in a coat to keep her warm until the "cow master" arrived.
Mushboy was worried about the little critter and rushed to check on her each time he arrived at the ranch. Daisy had a rocky road for a bit. She had to be bottle feed and needed a lot of tender care. That was in the spring of 2007.
Norman is the other special cow, err I should say bull, out at the ranch. He was orphaned at birth. Through the diligence of the ranch manager, he too survived. He was bottle feed, then bucket fed, then fed treats in a pan. If you ask me I think he was pretty spoiled by the ranch manager, hmmmph. He is pretty nice for a bull. He even comes when you call him.
Well these two special members of the ranch herd became parents this morning. It is a call for celebration...two cows that came so close to death having a family. Just part of the circle of life, but one that is pretty important to all of us here at the ranch.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Florida Beach Basics said...

what a great story, and a wonderful cause for celebration! does the new offspring have a fitting name?

wilsonc said...

What a great story. Lucky calves to have been born precisely where they were.

Betty said...

Lovely story I wish I were there to help with the calving I know it is hard work but the comradeship makes it worth while.
Hugs and Smooches

Cactus Jack Splash said...

No name yet, I will let you know when the baby gets one. I will also get a picture. Baby has a white face, four white socks, and a white spot on its belly-we are teacing that it is a "paint"


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