Quote for the week

A true horseman does not look at the horse with his eyes, he looks at his horse with his heart.

The DOR makes not claim to be a horseman. She is simply a human doing the best she can to understand her horses and be a good partner. A lowly student who is learning all she can from the horses that are in her life. She knows that we have more to teach her than she has to teach us. But she did learn one lesson very well...to see a horse with her heart and not her eyes. The horse in the picture, Drumo (Mo for short) owes his life to the fact many people were able to see him with their heart. Scheduled to be destroyed on Martin Luther King Day two years ago, Mo's story could have been over. But Mo was surrounded by people who could see with their heart and because of them he arrived to the DOR on the day he was to be destroyed. He spent time rehabbing and learning to be a horse. Mo is now the proud owner of a teenage girl and has stolen the hearts of all he meets. This fairy tale ending is the result of "seeing with your heart".
The DOR has been around horses for 48 years now. One of the important lessons she has learned in that time is that your eyes often confuse you. Use your heart to listen to a horse, use your heart to understand a horse. When you do that you will learn things your eyes could never tell you, you learn the pure truth about your horse.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Leah Fry said...

And funny how that works, because when you see them with your heart, your eyes will follow and see the beauty also. Is there a one of us who doesn't think our horses are the most beautiful creatures ever? It must be love that allows me to look at muley, contrary Poco and just melt.

Victoria Cummings said...

Lovely story about Mo. Jack, that DOR of yours is something special. Take good care of her.

mrscravitz said...

My DOR sees me with her heart. I try to not let her in, but sometimes I can not help it, because there are times that we just connect. Then there are times, I just don't want to let her see me, so I act like she is not even around. Then she leaves, and I miss her. I need to allow my DOR to see me with her heart more.

Pony Girl said...

Tell your DOR that was a great post, Jack. What a blessing that she found MO and was able to give this boy a second chance.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Lots of wisdom in those words Jack. Your DOR is very wise, too.

Mo is very lucky :)


mommanator said...

what a beauty! how could anyone even htink of destroying him!

Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet post..so much is throwaway. Raise animals badly and then kill them when it doesn't work out..Glad he could be saved..


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