These pictures are of Scooby (Spooky Sky) before he went blind.

While he was loosing his sight at the time he was still a wonderful riding horse and a good friend.

The DOR has him boarded at a retirement home that is set up to deal with Scooby's inability to see. She visits him at least once a month and they have a good time together.

This is a horse named Stormy. The DOR went with a friend to pick up an older Tennessee Walker mare that needed a home. When they pulled up to the home both the DOR and her friend do a double take, because there stands a horse that is almost the twin of the DOR's beloved Scooby.

Stormy is older than Scooby and still sees well. Turns out that he is every bit as good of a horse as Scooby. It made the DOR think about the fun she and Scooby had on their rides together, it also reminded her of the wonderful times they still have.

I was thinking how lucky I am to look the way I do...there is no possible way she could ever think another horse looked like my twin.

After all where will she ever find such a beautiful butt with a bunch of hearts on it?
Have you ever run into a twin of your horse or someone you know?
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Janie at Sounding Forth said...

You do have a twin! Her name is Zanna the Wonder Pup.

Y'all have all the same spots.

We do have a little conflict on the tail, though. ;)

fernvalley01 said...

My Catana mare could certainly have made your DOR do a double take and Catch a Dream is prety close!
I too had an old one that went blind ,funny it seems like she was one of my best as well and even after she lost her sight she was a safe horse for me.


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