Dead man bag!

Yep, your right, that does look a a turd poking out of the top of the sack. A turd that the DOR thinks that I should trot right over and eat.
The DOR calls this the dead man bag...like I want anything to do with something called that. There are several reasons I don't want anything to do with the bag.
1. Its a bag
2. It rattles
3. The DOR drags it around the pasture making noise
4. Its a bag
5. Sometimes one gets swung over my saddle and moved up and down while I do circles
6. It blows around in the wind
7. Did I mention it is a bag?
Well today the DOR decided that I could eat my new favorite treat, green apple biscuits, by getting them from the top of the DEAD MAN BAG! Well, what was she thinking?
So I carefully check out the bag. There is one treat in it, nope not worth it.
The DOR puts two treats in the bag. Vile trickster that she is, it is almost more than I can take.
Did I say it was more than I could take? I was talking about if I could get both treats in my mouth at the same time. Yep that's it, in no way was I referring to having to touch the horse eating bag.
Guess what, they both fit! Take that dead man bag! I am the mighty and powerful appy. Bam, a bit of appy power took care of that bag like it was nothing. I spent 45 minutes showing that bag I could get those treats. I gave it plenty of time to get away, I wandered off and gave it breaks, but in the last 30 seconds I snatched those treats away from it before it knew what had happened. Oh yeah, I am the king of dead man bag treat stealing!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Jack, you are so brave! The amazing bag-humbling horse!

Florida Beach Basics said...

Jack - DOR has to get up pretty early in the morning to keep ahead of you! I'd say you're pretty even in the "figure it out" game.


Leah Fry said...

You go Jack! Give that bag what-for!

Anna said...

That bag wouldn't last more than a couple minutes ay my house. The terror mosnter mule would have ripped it to shreds looking for anything that might qualify as a treat.

Cheryl Ann said...

Jack, you are too much!


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