Wordless Wednesday

The Mushboy cometh....
Hurry up with dinner!
Let me help lighten the load, yep that is what I am doing....helping.
The three dirty amigos sharing dinner.
What? You expected us to wash up first? Heck no, it is chow time!

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

They all look so happy and content. I am thinking of having my Rainbow bridge post turned into a little mini-book. Just got to figure out how it is done.

RG said...

How ya doin Cactus. Great blog. This is rg of the W bar E down in Texas, just ran across your blog. Surfing the internet is like riding down a country road for the first time. No telling what you will come up on.

Keep up the great work with the critters!

Shinade said...

What a marvelous Wordless Wednesday you posted here Jack. I have always said your the best horse on the net.

Awwww...shucks you're just the best anywhere.

Thank you Jack for being such a good friend these last couple of weeks.

I have been a little rushed and stressed and you have helped me so much.

Give your DOR some great big hugs for me!!

Happy WW:-)

Betty said...

Hi Cactus Jack, Nice post today. You and your amigos look wonderful even if you are a little muddy.Playing in the mud is fun.
Tell your DOR that the DNA tests are back. My son found his father he is so happy.So is his father.
Hugs and smooches

Leah Fry said...

Ah Jack, you just couldn't wait for Mushboy to wheel that hay, could you? Were you pushing it to make him walk faster?

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Amanda, your rainbow bridge post would make a great mini-book. You could also turn it into a calendar with each month part of the story.
RG, thanks for stopping by.
Shinade, thanks for the kind words
Betty, how great for your son and his father. I hope they have a grand time getting to know each other.
Leah, I wasn't pushing-although that would have been a great idea-I was just stealing mouthfuls as he was pulling the wagon through the pasture.

Cheryl Ann said...

Cute pics!~Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Andrea said...

That Mushboy is sure wonderful. He brings you such great treats Jack!! I love the picture of you following the hay!!


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