Water off of a duck's back

It was a wet and dreary Sunday afternoon. The DOR showed up to do the chores.
I wander over to meet her and she was a bit taken aback by my appearance. As you can see I am sporting mud on my face, actually I am sporting mud all over. I tried to convince her it was a spa treatment, she wasn't buying it.

She was perturbed by the mud messing up my beautiful butt. I don't know why that is bothering her so much, Salty the Wonder Horse looks like a walking mudball! What does she expect? It is pouring rain and everything is goopy.
It was raining so hard that the water was streaming off of my back.

Forming drops that then fell to the ground.
The DOR is getting a bit funky with the yucky weather. She needs some sunshine and bright colors and she needs them soon.
I gave her a big wet nuzzle and that did make her smile. If it quits raining I will try to clean up before she feeds us dinner, that should brighten her day.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Florida Beach Basics said...

we need to swap - we really need some rain, and we've got excess sun we can send you. chin up.

Denise said...

Do you like to roll around in snow? We have quite a bit here in Virginia right now :)

One Red Horse said...

Jack, I keep reminding my mom we really NEED the rain. She just looks at me. I don't mind, my coat works like yours, making a great raincoat. Best part, NO FLIES!

Mountain Woman said...

Oh, a big, nice, wet muddy smooch for your DOR. I would have loved one of those. Jack, you look fantastic, covered in mud or not. If you were here, you'd be a snow covered boy and you wouldn't see any mud or the ground for many more months.

Leah Fry said...

Please send some rain our way!!

Caprice said...

Sandy and Dani love the rain and mud. They too have taken many therapitic mud baths in the last few weeks. They are covered in it as we speak! They told me they think you look great in mud!

mommanator said...

what does DOR expect when you have time on your hooves!

jc said...

After a few lovely Spring days, we woke up to snow again this morning- arrrggggghhhh!


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