Appaloosa Power

The name of this painting is Appaloosa Power. Yep we got it, power, magic, mojo, that something special.
I am mentioning this because some of the DOR's herd can use a bit of Appaloosa Power right now. Her step-mom had her knee replace on Monday...BAM here is a little Appaloosa Power for her to get better on. Her dad is having a tough time with his Parkinson's and not having his wife home with him...BAM here is some Appaloosa Power for him to keep being strong. Then there are the sisters who are helping and feeling a bit overwhelmed...BAM here is some Appaloosa power for them to. Then there is the member of the herd who is being a total idiot about the whole thing, in fact if she was in our herd we would kick her out for some of the things she is doing...BAM here is a big old appaloosa hoof up side the head! You see sometimes a herd member just needs to know they are out of line.
The DOR is tuckered out after trying to sort things out yesterday...BAM here is some Appaloosa Power so she can stay awake all day and come play with me this evening after work.
I want to give humans a gentle reminder-respect your elders, one day you will be one and the treatment that you gave your elders will come back to you ten fold...BAM.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR
Edited to add: the artist is Rance Hood, you can visit his on-line studio at http://www.rancehood.com/ Thanks to everyone who asked who the artist was, sorry I did not include that in the original post, he is very talented.


Jennifer said...

Cactus Jack you are a gorgeous Appaloosa! Really beautiful! I love the breed. When my sister and I got our first horses at the age of 13, one was a very loud colored Appy Gelding named Cloud. He was 4 years old at the time. Of course when we got to be adults my sister and I wanted to go our separate ways so the horses had to be divided up.

She got Cloud, only because she couldn't stand my old Quarter Horse Mare (and the mare couldn't stand her either LOL)My sister moved fairly far away. So I got the two mares and the horse trailer and she got Cloud. 20 years later she still has him, he is getting older and going blind but you just never part with an Appy like him. Sorry for being so long winded, your blog just reminded me of a very special horse that I miss! Great blog I really enjoyed reading it this morning.

Mrs Mom said...

Oh Jack, your timing is most excellent here. May we borrow a wee bit of that Appaloosa Power Upside The Head for a family member HERE please? ;) (There must be something in the air... I have heard from other folks that stupid moves abound right now...)

Praying for your DOR's herd! Give her a nuzzle from our little corner of the Southland please, and let her know she will be thought of.

lucky kachina dancer said...

There is definitely power in the Appaloosa. My mother's Appy was an amazingly magical horse.

Here's lots of well wishes for your DOR's herd!

wilsonc said...

Everyone should have a friend like you Cactus Jack. Someone with compassion and kindness, but who is not afraid to tell it like it is when necessary.

fernvalley01 said...

Yup , nothing like a nAppaloosa to set you straight . Great post well said! Love the painting , who is the artist?

Caprice said...

You are a truly wise Appaloosa. Can I have some AP for a few friends and my mom? No hooves needed now but maybe later. Tell your DOR that me and Sandy and Dani have her and her herd in our prayers (including you too!).

Leah Fry said...

Who is the artist? Great painting.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

The painting was done by Rance Hood, here is a blurp about him:
Rance Hood is one of the few Native American artists left who still paints in the manner which echoes the traditional Indian culture and spirituality of the past that has been drastically changed by the modern and white worlds. Hood grew up in the home of his maternal grandparents who taught him Comanche Indian ways and values. Hood has introduced some abstract motifs into his backgrounds, but he adheres mainly to the traditional style of art practiced by his ancestors. Today, thirty years beyond his original success as a major Indian artist in the 1960’s, RANCE HOOD is still considered the most successful Plains Indian artist. There is a storm center or animating force which charges Hood’s art with vitality. Hood’s storm center is his expression of his ancient tribal heritage, his visionary spiritual life, and a practicing mysticism. His themes are mystical, spiritual, developing his work through the customs and religious practices which were passed down to him. Coexisting with Hood’s control of the painting process is a mysticism that also distinguishes his work.
You can visit his on-line studio at http://www.rancehood.com/ I really love his work

Pony Girl said...

That is a beautiful piece of art. Goodness, I could sure use some of that Appaloosa power. My Boy needs it for tomorrow!! Wish him well with his vet appointment!

♥The W.O.W. factor said...

Love this Appy Power thing! You go CJ!
and I agree 150% about that respecting the elders!!


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