Wind sillies

As you can see Sunday was very windy. I was thinking there was a bear crawling around underneath the hay tarp, but the DOR assured me that it was only the wind. The DOR came out with the intention of working with Ginger, got to get ready for that trail ride you know. When she realized how windy it was she decided it was a good opportunity to work on our teamwork. You see I get the wind sillies and launch into a full-blown snorting fit when the wind blows. So to the arena I went...take that Ginger, in your face.
I did my exercises, making sure to snort enough to keep the DOR on her toes. After all we are very good on our groundwork together, I don't know why we have to keep practicing. The DOR saddled me up and took me over to the mounting block. Here was my chance to see just how bad she wanted to ride me. After all she rode Ginger yesterday... Ginger who stomped her feet when she was getting saddled, Ginger who wouldn't line up to the mounting block, Ginger who tried to bite her boot when she put it in the stirrup. Yep the DOR went through all that to ride a cranky mare, what would she go through to ride her favorite horse? I acted like I couldn't remember how to line up to the mounting block. After about 15 minutes I got bored, so I would line up and when she gathered the reins to get ready to mount I would swing my butt away from her. I did that several times and then decided to wait until she raised her foot to put it in the stirrup then I would move quickly sideways. Yep I was really testing her resolve to ride. I think she gave up for a bit because several times she would line me up, then she would just scratch my neck and talk to one of the other people in the arena. I was thinking she needed to get on already, there were three mares in the arena and how cool could I look with her just standing there scratching me?
Once the DOR got mounted we made a couple of laps around the arena at a walk and then two more at a jog. She decided to work with me on some obstacles. I went over the bridge, crossed some poles, went by two piles of timbers, and climbed a sand hill. We repeated the course several times, also working on figure eights, gait transitions, backing, and using m butt when I trot. I did all of this while the other horses were acting up with the wind sillies. Not one snort, jump, or snort out of me. A tumble weed even blew by me, no problem. A clear rattly plastic wrapper blew around, I looked but just kept working.
I even went by the net filled with fake fish. To really show how well I was doing I touched it with my nose and then nibbled at the crab. One of the other horses, who is a calm horse, spooked a bit at the fake fish. She also scared herself when she farted today, go figure that. I managed to keep myself and the DOR calm and collected the entire workout. I was so good that I may get to go out on a real trail ride next weekend...wooohooo!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Betty said...

It sounds like you had a very good day with your DOR you taught her a few things and she taught you a few. that tarp on the hay does look a bit like a big bear.I am glad you wern't spooked by the fake fish they could be pretty scary if the wind was blowing and making them wiggle around.
Hugs and Smooches

Desert Rose said...

Hay Jack....sounds like you really cowhorsedthe%^$*up for your DOR today and for sure she will reward you with a trail ride. Smart move on your part!!!


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