Shhh, don't tell Salty that he is lame...

Salty has a bum right knee from an injury sustained before he came to live with mushboy. Salty can still be lightly ridden and loves it when mushboy takes a lesson on him.
The problem is that Salty has no idea he is supposed to be lame...why didn't anyone tell him? I get to ripping up and down the pasture, showing off to the mares and the next thing I know Salty is right on my tail. How am I supposed to compete for attention against a classy white Arab? The least he could do is stumble and look silly once in a while.
Mushboy has been letting Salty out of the pasture every evening for the past few days. Salty follows him up to the barn where he gets his halter on and then gets to eat his mush while getting groomed (there is a gate on the driveway so Salty is safe). Well the other night the mini mafia decided to ambush Salty on the way to the barn, they were mugging him for treats. Salty decided the best way to deal with the little terrorists was to put his tail up and run around the yard like a wild man. Yep, he was snorting, blowing, and prancing around until he would get to a straight stretch then he would run to beat the band. It took the DOR ten minutes to catch the silly gimp. It was funny to watch...Salty zigging and zagging with the DOR trying to predict where he would go next. The DOR just patiently walked after him as Salty was getting jiggy with the minis. He finally took pity on the DOR, well actually there was no pity it was the thought of eating his mush bowl got the better of him. He got his halter on followed the DOR to the barn and dug into his mush. When he finished the DOR lead him back to the pasture while mushboy pulled the hay wagon. Salty was still feeling full of vinegar and was dancing all the way back. He managed to step on the DOR's right foot with his big old left front hoof, she called him a bugger and told him to shape up. He took some of the fancy covering off of her dress boots and now she will have to get a new pair of dress boots, drat she hates having to shop. When Salty got in the pasture he took off like a shot running, bucking, and farting. What is with the bucking and farting, do they have to go together? Come to think about it, they do!
Mushboy and the DOR just stood there watching. Once again Salty is showing everyone that while he has a bum knee he is not lame, at least not in his mind. We have decided that no one here is going to tell him otherwise. We would appreciate it if none of you told him he is supposed to be lame, it is a secret that we want to keep. Salty the Wonder Horse continues to surprise us all.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Leah Fry said...

I wish someone WOULD tell my Jaz he's supposed to be taking it easy on his crumbly, stinky feet!

It's good to be older and still having a spring in one's step.

wilsonc said...

Salty sounds like a happy horse to me. Your place must agree with him.

mommanator said...

O the lame must walk or they would lay down and die!

Mountain Woman said...

Oh what a great story. I sure wish DOR had Salty on video so we could watch him not being lame. He sounds like quite a character.

Jocelyn said...

Salty is sure a cute not lame white hairy fuzz ball thats not lame. :)

Denise said...

That secret is safe with me!!! ;)
Great post, I think it's good that Salty doesn't think he has a bum knee. Salty is a beauty then of course so are you Cactus Jack Splash, inside and outside :)))

Shinade said...

Oh my Jack Salty is mighty handsome and I am so glad to meet him.

But you will always be the first true love in my heart so please don't worry.

Now you give your DOR some extra special hugs for me okay? and please tell her that finally the repairman got here and I think I am fixed.

I am trying very hard to get caught up visiting.

I have missed being able to see you everyday Jack!!


GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Cactus Jack Splash. Happy Skywatch Friday. Since you are a horse person, you might like our Wed. 3/25 horse post. Guilford County has the most horses of all the 100 counties in North Carolina. We try to honor those beautiful creatures every now and then!


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